Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sewing girls leggings!

The most recent sewing project I am doing is sewing leggings for my girls.I saw these on pinterest and found the tutorial here for bow leggings. I love sewing leggings. They are so easy and you can do so much to make them unique. For these leggings I added the bow cuff. I love the way they turned out.

I used a legging pattern from ottobre. The pattern page looks daunting but it is actually fairly easy to trace once you have found the pattern you are looking for. Follow instructions on making the leggings, but do not do the hem. The girls leggings I did were Capri leggings.

I used a serger for the seams. I tend to sew the leg seam before I sew the crotch. For the cuff. I measured across the bottom of the legging. I cut out a piece of the same fabric measuring 9" wide  (width of the legging before sewing) and 8 inches long. Fold the rectangle right sides together and serge or stitch the cuff length wise. Fold the cuff with wrong sides together. For the tab I cut 2 pieces 2" by 4" and sewed them in half lengthwise.

I folded the cuff in half and marked the spot with pins. I then folded it so the pins were matching and market the folds with pins. I had 4 pins equally spaced apart. I did the same thing with each leg of the leggings. With right sides together and matching the pins, pin the raw sides of the cuff to the leg with the tab for the bow on the outside and the seams matching up on the inside. Serge together.

For the waistband, I measured my daughters waist. I used the same technique with the pins to sew the elastic onto the leggings. Pin the elastic on the inside of the leggings matching pins.

Serge the edge.I do not line the elastic up exactly along the edge. I leave a small edge. This seems to work better for me when I serge.   Fold the elastic towards the inside and pin. 

Zig zag around the edge of seam. Remember to clip all of your 

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