Monday, November 2, 2015

Craft Show Tips

Well craft show season for me has come around again!! I have been doing sales for 15+ years. It is a way for me to get my craftiness out all in one shot!!! Yes most years I am mumbling...."why do I do this to myself" In fact I am sure EVERY year I mumble that to myself and I am sure to let my family know also.....
I thought I would post a few tips that I have come to learn over the years...

1. Inventory
It is important to have enough inventory.. I you are doing a sale where there is a lot of other booths your type of inventory should be somewhat limited. What I mean by that is have 1-5 items that you sell. People are looking at 100's of booths and if you have too many things in your booth they look at it with a deer in the headlights to many things for me to process. If you are in a boutique like sale it is ok to have several different items but still you want to have a lot so just about every corner the customer looks in they see something of yours.

2. Quality
The appearance of your items are extremely important. Please take the time to clip loose threads, use nice looking tags, straighten jagged edges.. who wants to buy something that looks like a 4yrs old made it? Not me.

3. Pricing
This is not Walmart people. This is alot of hard work.....hard work that you have put your heart and soul into. Please price accordingly. If you think " well no one will buy it" then you are in the wrong line of work.

4.Your appearance
You have spent hours working on your craft. Take some time and make sure you look professional. You do not have to go out to Macy's and spent a fortune but really.......look professional.

Your demeanor when people come into your booth is also important. Look the customer in the eye and say "hello". Do not just sit there and stare....they will run away. Have some handwork to work or something to work on. Acknowledge the customer, make a little small talk then let them browse without them feeling awkward.

6. Booth
Have items in your booth displayed well. Items should be at all eye levels. Use cute baskets and bowls to display small items. If you only have a table space have a small shelf set up on one side of the table with items on the shelf. If you have a larger space. Have your cash set up near the back so you are out of the way. Make sure you walk around your booth to see if things are to close together. You don't want people turning around and knocking items over....super uncomfortable....Have a small give away if possible. A small bowl of candy by your business cards is always a hit.

7. Bags
People are spending a good amount of money on your items. Have the proper bags and wrappings. It is a little odd to stuff your handmade goods into a crumpled grocery bag...Dorky!!!

Well that is all the tips I have for this post. Good luck with your sale.

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