Thursday, May 28, 2015

Improv Quilting

Oh my goodness, I have just learned of a new term " improv quilting" I have been drooling over these awesome quilts on Etsy and Pinterest. I absolutely love to quilt. I have not made one in so long. About 15 yrs ago I took a quilting class and loved it. I used to quilt all the time. Since then every time I see a quilt, which is often..I admire it. Here are some of my favorite improv quilts.
I found it here on pinterest.
This improv quilted pillow rocks.
This was found on Etsy
So what is improv quilting? Well it is quilting by breaking the rules!! You follow your heart and do what feels right. No following a pattern.  This is totally how I roll!! What an awesome thing!! Why do you like improv quilting? Leave a comment and a photo of your designs.